Social Media Training

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Social Media Training & Coaching

Social Web offers training sessions, delivered to the workplace, which introduce you to various social media platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. These courses are recommended for beginner to intermediate level internet users. They are ideal for employees who want to develop their knowledge and skills for the betterment of their companies.

Individual Training

The perfect training for those who wish to take their first step into the social media world for personal and/or professional reasons.
Social Medias: Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn
Duration: 3 hours

Group Training

Social Media: Initiation to Facebook
Duration: 3 hours
*(max. 5 people)

What Each Training Covers

  • Creating accounts and settings
  • Tips for effective layout
  • How to build a community
  • Day-to-day management
  • How to promote an event, contest, etc.
  • How to use social media for PR purposes
  • How to monitor social media
  • Analysis and statistics
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