Website optimisation and branding for Urban Seedling

UrbanSeedling SemisUrbains

Web strategy and optimization for urban agriculture company Semis Urbains

Social Web is proud to have supported Urban Seedling, a Verdun-based company specializing in the creation of urban vegetable gardens! Based on the company’s business objectives, Social Web developed a complete digital strategy aimed primarily at defining a strong online brand image, optimizing the Wordpress website and creating a landing page to collect requests for the various services offered by Semis Urbains.

Objectives for the project :

  • Improve SEO of Wordpress website
  • Clarify the company’s service offering by reworking website navigation and content
  • Create a landing page to capture sales leads
  • Develop a consistent brand image online and on social media
  • Publicize the company’s involvement in the communitySite web Semis Urbains

Overview of the Urban Seedling landing page


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