Motion Design video advertising

Campagne motion design cinema

Motion design video for your ads and social medias

The motion design videos that you see more and more in advertising whether it’s on the web, television or in movie theatres, is ideal to highlight a campaign, a product, a service, promote an event or simply to communicate information in a dynamic and sometimes even playful way!

A motion design animation allows you to adapt your content perfectly to your brand (sometimes by using graphic elements of your print or web campaign) and allows you to communicate a message clearly and effectively.

A video using motion design can contain illustrations, typographies, statistics, as well as 2D elements.

Few exemples of ads using motion design

2D motion design ad for Boutiques Griffon

Motion design video ad for the City of Blainville

Motion design campaign for the City of Blainville

Movie Theatre Campaign Sexto for the City of Saint-Jérôme


  • Script and scénario
  • Music research and purchase of royalty-free music (or jingle composition)
  • Recording of voice-overs in the studio
  • Motion Design Animation
  • Motion Design logo design
  • Adaptation for different social media (Facebook, You tube Instagram Stories, etc.)

Take advantage of a helping hand to develop content that stands out on the web and social media.

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