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Facebook LIVE: Get a professional video streamed live on your Facebook page

Production vidéo en direct pour les événements

Montreal, August 7th, 2017 – Social Web, in cooperation with its partner Cinequinox, is now pleased to provide its clients with live video streaming on Facebook and YouTube, in addition to community management and video production. This professional service is tailored to meet the needs of event organizers, festivals, convention and trade show centres, and organizations seeking more visibility for their product launches, press conferences, and any other types of events.

The benefits of using Facebook LIVE

First, it should be noted that Facebook LIVE enables the streaming of video content live from your Facebook business page or your personal Facebook account. With the LIVE service provided by Social Web, your organization benefits from a professional HD broadcast (1080p), in addition to leveraging the services of community managers to answer your fans’ questions and generating conversations.

Whether it is for a simple, one-camera broadcast or a large-scale event requiring multiple cameras, Social Web, in cooperation with Cinequinox, gives you access to this new channel in a no-hassle, professional manner.

This service is ideal for:

The Facebook and YouTube live video service includes:

We also give you the opportunity to integrate your logo, or that of a sponsor, to your live stream! 

Contact us to book your dates and get your customized estimate!

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